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Re: Managing allocatiions out of a CIDR block

  • From: Michael K. Sanders
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 16:02:39 1998

In message <[email protected]>, Mark Prior writes:
>I am trying to rewrite the system that we use to allocate blocks from
>our provider blocks to customers. Previously the smallest block we
>allocated was a class C and so this process was pretty easy but now I
>want to be able to optimally use our allocations and allocate blocks
>down to a /30. Does anyone have any ideas, or code, that will manage
>multiple CIDR blocks and keep track of the currently unused parts of
>the block and given a requirement find an appropriate allocation
>(while not fragmenting it like crazy). It would be also useful if it
>could collect together POP specific blocks so that, for example, two
>parts of the same class C were at the same POP.
>Ideas, suggestions?

While I don't know of any existing code offhand (I keep meaning
to write something, but never have the time, yada yada), you might
want to take a look at RFC 1219 for address allocation.

:: Mike ::