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Re: Managing allocatiions out of a CIDR block

  • From: Eric M. Carroll
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 15:53:12 1998

> Does anyone have any ideas, or code, that will manage
> multiple CIDR blocks and keep track of the currently unused parts of
> the block and given a requirement find an appropriate allocation
> (while not fragmenting it like crazy).

Isotro has code that allows you to manage IP address space, and
understands CIDR. It uses a commercial database, and connects to both a
DNS server and a DHCP server. They were recently bought by Bay.

If you are looking for an automatic system to allocate blocks, this does
not do that. You have to tell the system who has what block. But it has
all the hooks you need to develop that kind of system. 

Eric Carroll			[email protected]
Tekton Internet Associates