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Re: MTU of the Internet?

  • From: John Hawkinson
  • Date: Mon Feb 09 01:49:29 1998

> Ebone will be deploying code that does RED in CEF in
> approximately nine hours.  I expect BC and I will be
> playing with RED most of this week, seeing how the Cisco
> implementation does on congested high-speed and sometimes
> high-delay interfaces where traffic is very heavily aggregated.
> I am not sure anybody else has done this yet (jhawk?)
> although there is some positive experience with RED on
> slow interfaces.

Some. A few links, only one of which sees enough drops for RED to make
eny difference at all. I've been remiss :-(, though oddly enough I've
spent some cycles with it last week, and have some more slotted this

If people are interested this link (unidirectionally) is doing RED'd:

8 (  80.247 ms  80.399 ms  80.463 ms
9 (  82.032 ms  81.574 ms  80.578 ms

BTW, if you want to have a numbers-based discussion of your
results, I suggest big-internet.

I suppose we need to come up with some good guidelines for tweaking