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Re: Hello, @Home?

  • From: Adam Rothschild
  • Date: Sat Feb 07 21:51:15 1998


Thanks for the response.  I've been in touch with Jeff Burgen (who
responded almost immediately after receiving this), and am working with
him to determine what exactly was the problem.  If you'd like to discuss
this further, feel free to contact me privately via e-mail.

Once again, NANOG has proven its usefulness! :)


>      If you can forward a complete description of the problem
> to "[email protected]", the NOC will investigate as quickly as
> possible.  This approach will undoubtably provide better
> service.  I've alerted our NOC and they are taking a look
> at the problem and are awaiting the particulars.  I noticed
> you didn't include a phone number in your .sig so if you
> could include that too it would expedite things.

Adam Rothschild			<[email protected]>
CTO / Senior Systems Engineer
millburnNET [email protected]