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Re: FDDI or 100Mb Ethernet

  • From: Robert E. Seastrom
  • Date: Sat Feb 07 00:48:41 1998

   From: Martin Hannigan <[email protected]>

   >I have started to look at "Fast Ethernet" and see "Full-Duplex
   >Switched Fast Ethernet".  I mean, the switch ports are SO cheap,
   >why do anything less...

   It's even cheaper to cascade 10mbps/repeaters off of hdx switch 10's
   and aggregate them into 100's.

Yeah, and then you can network a whole office building that way (who
needs messy routers anyway?)...  and be surprised when you discover
that your 10mb ether segments are at 30% utilization in the middle of
the night due to SAPs from Novell servers.  And wonder why
productivity goes to zero in the middle of the afternoon as the dark
clouds of a broadcast storm gather in the west.

No, I don't know of any Fortune 500 corporations in my immediate area
whom this has happened to.