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Re: High capacity wireless WAN equipment.

  • From: Craig A. Haney
  • Date: Fri Feb 06 12:23:02 1998

At 4:14 PM -0600 2/5/98, Louis A. Destree wrote:
>I'm trying to round up information on wireless WAN equipment.  I need T1
>and above speeds.  If anyone has some information on products or
>experience I'd be interested in hearing it.
>Louis A. Destree
>Senior Network Engineer
>FlashNet Communications
>[email protected]

some links i have on hand...

no vendor seems to have an 802.11 version commercially available yet though
some say they are flash upgradeable and some are not upgradeable at all.

most have bridges and different antennas to be used in a WAN environment.

although everyone seems to be talking about the interoperability on there
web sites, when i talked to some in person they didn't promise


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