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Re: FDDI or 100Mb Ethernet

  • From: Kent W. England
  • Date: Thu Feb 05 23:55:42 1998

At 04:42 PM 2/5/98 , Charles Sprickman wrote:
>We have a choice of FDDI or 100Mb ethernet.  I'm thinking FDDI is better,
>and not too much more expensive for our side.  Are there any negatives
>with FDDI?  How does the 4000(?) Byte MTU affect things?  All of our
>outgoing links, T1 and ether are all 1500.  Does the work of fragmenting
>the packets down to 1500 amount to anything?  

There is work on creating "jumbo" frames for GbE which would take away the
1500 "cell" limit.

>All this talk about MTUs has got me wondering.
Why on earth are you paying attention to that thread??