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FDDI or 100Mb Ethernet

  • From: Charles Sprickman
  • Date: Thu Feb 05 19:58:30 1998


We colocate with our upstream, so we (thankfully) don't have to deal with
Bell Atlantic for our main Internet connection.  We are currently running
a 10Mb ethernet link to our provider, but our contract allows for more
than that should we ever need it.  Since the Bay ASN we now use will soon
be history and will be replaced by a shiny new(?) Cisco, I'm thinking of
upgrading the link now rather than later.

We have a choice of FDDI or 100Mb ethernet.  I'm thinking FDDI is better,
and not too much more expensive for our side.  Are there any negatives
with FDDI?  How does the 4000(?) Byte MTU affect things?  All of our
outgoing links, T1 and ether are all 1500.  Does the work of fragmenting
the packets down to 1500 amount to anything?  All this talk about MTUs has
got me wondering.



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