North American Network Operators Group

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NANOG 12 Network/Internet Information

  • From: John M. Brown
  • Date: Wed Feb 04 17:18:30 1998

Here is some of the information people have been requesting.

CIDR Block is /24

Default routers:

DNS Servers /24  Both Forwards and IN-ADDRS

All IN-ADDRS will be of the form 206-29-13{4|5}

SMTP (For sending mail)

      This machine will NOT ALLOW relays from outside.  It will be
      monitored.  NO SPAM!

Shell Account: /24

               USER: Nanog  Password: Nanog
     If you hack it and crash it, I'll delete it! :)

Net Trek Server: /24

NANOG Traffic Stats:

There will be a DHCP server installed and operational.  This machine
will issue leases for about 100 addresses.

In addition __STATIC__ addresses will be self-assigned by going to 
the terminal room and getting a slip of paper from a Clip-Board.  If
you have the paper, you have the address.  This sheet will also tell
you the default router, DNS, SMTP and SHELL account addresses.

In addition there will be a Net Trek server, for those of us that
want to play in the evenings! :)  It will be avail 3x24.

We will have over 350 Cat 5 10baseT ethernet drops available
in the main hall.  Please bring your LAPTOP.  You might want
to bring a power strip as well.  

This is a BYOPC event!  Bring Your Own Patch Cord (25 feet min)

See ya in Albuquerque

[email protected]