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Quality of Service by Ferguson and Huston

  • From: Gordon Cook
  • Date: Wed Feb 04 16:02:05 1998

I want to call everyone's attention to Quality of Service (Jan 1998) Wiley
Computer Books, $35, an important new book by Paul Ferguson and Geoff
Huston.  Last week in London Paul gave me a copy and conscented to an
interview.  I suspect that this will be a very important book that will
sell very very well.  Why?  Because EVERYONE who is doing any kind of
network engineering in an ISP no matter how small will profit from using
this book.  I find the title somewhat misleading in that QoS usually means
the more esoteric concept of guaranteeing packet priority or network
bandwidth.  In our interview Paul pointed out that this book is much
broader in scope and is intended to be a guide to how to properly engineer
a network so as to achieve maximum possible performance from one's network

For ordering data on the book see:

Quality of Service: Delivering
QoS on the Internet and in
Corporate Networks

Paul Ferguson ; Geoff Huston

Table of Contents 
What is Quality of Service? Implementing Policy in
Networks. QoS and Queuing Disciplines, Traffic
Shaping, and Admission Control. QoS and TCP/IP:
Finding the Common Denominator. QoS and
Frame Relay. QoS and ATM. The Integrated
Services Architecture. QoS and Dial Access. QoS
and Future Possibilities. QoS: Final Thoughts and
Observations. Afterward. Glossary. Bibliography.

The following URL contains an amazingly detailed hot linked QoS
bibligraphy ranging from Internet drafts to more general QoS articles.

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