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Re: Transparent Caching Solutions - Information Wanted

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Tue Feb 03 15:44:31 1998

> Or, if you are a "Cheap Bastard (tm)", you can take a copy of Squid
> (, and an OS which can handle transparent proxying
> (Solaris, Linux, etc), a high performance RAID, and have yourself the
> equivilent. Squid is a heirarchial web cache/proxy/accelerator available for
> free.

i love squid.  i use it as a nontransparent proxy and also as the web server
accelerator for all of the content we publish.  squid is really cool,
especially squid-novm.

i worry a bit about the supposed proxy capabilities of these other os's.  we
don't think of ourselves as idiots here when it comes to kernel programming,
and so the fact that it's taken a year of wizard level kernel muckraking to
get a system that can do thousands of simultaneous transparent sessions makes
me think that it's actually a hard problem.

we got basic kernel transparency working in an afternoon.  the devil is in
the details though.