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Re: MAE-Central

  • From: Dave Siegel
  • Date: Tue Feb 03 11:47:06 1998

> > Sorry, but I can't find a Worldcom press release anywhere. I don't feel
> > right cutting and pasting the entire article, but the location is slated to
> > be Dallas.
> > 
> > (BTW, isn't it scandalous that MFS would copy the PacBell NAP and build a
> > MAE using S'com BPX switches? I went back and checked the nanog archives
> > and compiled a list of all the ISPs that swore they would never connect to
> > an ATM NAP. How many are planning to disconnect from the MAEs when the ATM
> > switches come up?)
> Yes and no. Sure a lot of people that said they would not connect to a ATM
> NAP, but things do change. The current FDDI NAPs are just not able to
> support the current load and their is no good way to expand them. ATM has
> changed a lot in the last 4 years. ATM switched have come a long way, sure
> they are still not where I would like to see them, but they are getting
> there. I don't think it matters anyone, the whole public NAP idea (I
> think was a good idea) is dead. 

I don't think the point is really worth arguing.  It's not the fact that
they chose a particular technology.

I think it was particularly nice that they asked their potential 
customers what they should deploy.

Who knows...maybe the did ask, but I don't think they asked the right

Dave (who's waiting to see a NAP built with a GSR (or similar) )

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