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Re: 100Mbit ISDN solution

  • From: Matthew R. Grappone
  • Date: Thu Jan 22 11:06:28 1998

Jon Lewis wrote:
>> Linux on an old 386; one 10BaseT, one 100baseT card...
>Someone makes 100baseT cards for ISA bus??  A mini-switch with at least
>one each 10mb / 100mb ports would be cleaner, more reliable, and take up
>less space.  There are some questions where Linux is not the answer :)

3com 3C515 ISA 10/100 card. An old 386 might not be able to take full advantage
of 100 Mb speeds, but if you get anything more than 10 Mb you're ahead of the
game. Of course, that's assuming the increase in bandwidth is worth the almost
twice as expensive cost.  ;^)

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