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Re: UDP port 137 Question

  • From: Bryce Ryan
  • Date: Tue Jan 06 14:44:04 1998

My mailer says that Melody Yoon said:
> Hi Jon. If memory serves, Netbios nameservices are generally only on the
> same segment unless you have an NT/Samba server somewhere... As it is, it
> should *NOT* be directed at your Unix boxes and definately not coming
> across the Internet. My guess is that someone may be attempting a bad OOB
> data attack on port 137 thinking that your Unix box is some type of PC.

who was it that said, "never attribute to malice what can be explained by

we run a web farm and see requests directed at port 137 all the time on
the web sites we host.  i don't know for certain, but i assume it is 
some sort of internet explorer "feature" that is attempting to establish
a CIFS connection to the web site.  we ignore them anyway. 

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