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Re: smurf, the MCI-developed tracing tools (was Re: Bogus announcement) (fwd)

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Sun Dec 28 20:23:16 1997

On Sun, 28 Dec 1997, Phil Howard wrote:

> > ICMP floods vs TCP floods. Aren't they both IP or have I missed something
> > glaringly obvious.
> ICMP floods have a greater impact because they can do broadcasts and cause
> a storm on a LAN whereas TCP or UDP will only be a simple attack.


A flood is a flood of course of course.. expect when that flood is a
horse.. oh wait. Wrong train of thought.

Just think. I have a shell account on a KRaD 3li+3 shell box on a DS3.
Some little lamer on a modem is annoying me. I go and flood their
upstreams T1.

Not as ugly as a smurf attack, I'll grant that one. But its still a flood.
And when people start getting bigger links into their homes, it might
become a problem.