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Re: Impact of paying for address space

  • From: Adam Rothschild
  • Date: Tue Dec 23 20:58:07 1997

Think of what happened way back when, when InterNIC began to charge for
domain names.  I for one was outraged at first, and then calmed down and
learned to "bite the bullet", as did many others...

However, looking at the high fees imposed by ARIN for address assignment,
I really hope this practice will not remain in its current form.  As
anyone can clearly see, the fees are extremely high, and will surely cause
a raise in costs that are incurred by the end user in one way or another.

Put simply, I would LOVE to hear some justification for the high fees
imposed by ARIN (in terms of administrative work on their end that is, not
considering the whole scarcity of addresses factor).

I sure hope millions of net users worldwide will not be driven to colocate
their equipment abroad, or circumvent IP addresses by doing
firewalling/port forwarding, or something wacky of the sort! :)


On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, Phil Howard wrote:

> With there being a fee structure coming into place for obtaining address
> space, businesses are going to end up being more conservative with their
> space requests.  Maybe.  I suspect many will.  If you expect to assign
> a /17 worth of space over the next year, why ask for all /17 of it now.
> Why not get a /19 each quarter as needed.  With the fee structure in
> place, there would be less panic about space becoming too scarce.
> Now if this does take place, and I believe it will although I am not sure
> to what scale, that will mean that each business and ISP will have more
> smaller prefixes.  That means more BGP announcements and larger tables and
> an impact on routers.
> Thoughts?
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