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[summary] charge for bgp feeds?

  • From: Hui-Hui Hu
  • Date: Thu Dec 11 01:27:49 1997

thanks for all the responses! it was very helpful, and I hope you guys will
keep me posted if anything drastic happens or to correct any inaccuracies.
I know that bgp feeds often take a lot of man-hours to deal with incompetent 
customers, but hope that more nsps might consider waiving the fee for those
who know what they are doing. ++cluefactor;

disclaimer: often charging for bgp feeds is handled on a case by case basis
and sometimes "no" only reflects an individual experience with the provider.
e-mail addresses not cited because of spam concerns


MCI           no
UUNET         they didn't used to. maybe now they do?
Sprint        yes?
BBN           $1000 setup
Genuity       not anymore (at least they didn't charge me :)
CERFnet       no
AT&T          no
Netcom        $750 setup, $300/month
SAVVIS        no
Priori        no
Verio NE      no?
CRL           no
DataXchange   no
iSTAR         CAD$200 setup, CAD$50/month
UUNET UK      yes
Internex      $500/mo
Best          $500 setup (still true?)
ENI           yes, but often waived for big customers with clues
IAGnet        no