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Re: NAP Architecture

  • From: Dave Rand
  • Date: Wed Oct 29 12:47:34 1997

[In the message entitled "Re: NAP Architecture" on Oct 29,  9:06, the Riz writes:]
> This *is* becoming more popular; in the US, the main problem is that many
> (most?) of the exchange points are operated by telcos, who are tariffed.
> This means that any connection between separate entities is a "circuit"
> that they must charge a certain minimum amount for.  As more telcos manage
> to move their exchange point operations into the non-regulated portion of
> their respected businesses, this may change, and exchanges are currently
> being built by non-telco entities, which are allowed to have more
> reasonable charges to connect cages in the same facility together.
> (Disclaimer: in my other life, I work for one such facility... the PAIX in
> Palo Alto)

I'm confused.  PAIX charges a similar amount ($1000/mo) for dry copper
between two consenting parties at PAIX.  Again, for $27 worth of wire,
and $300 worth of labour?  This is reasonable?

IMHO, $50/month is reasonable for copper cross-connects, with a $300
installation charge.  Even $100 per month.  But $1000?

Dave Rand
[email protected]