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Re: BGP tables

  • From: Vlad
  • Date: Sat Oct 11 21:04:04 1997

I wrote one as well, I haven't spent too much time with it but most 
everything works. I did run in to that problem where pings and traces 
won't return anything similar to what you describe, so I threw in some 
Expect to remedy it. It's mostly perl though, and it builds the HTML on 
the fly.  I can share the source if anyone wants...


> I have an exact copy of the page running internally for
> our NCC. I wrote it all in PERL. I am still fixing up a few pieces of the
> code (namely the ping and traceroute functions), but when I am finished I
> would be more than happy to share it with anyone that wants it.
> I should note that it is written to be utilized on Cisco routers with rsh
> enabled.