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Re: UUNet Routing SNAFU

  • From: Jay Borkenhagen
  • Date: Thu Oct 09 11:08:33 1997

>>>>> On Thu, 09 Oct 1997 06:01:19 -0700, Mark Milhollan <[email protected]> said:

>>> What about the cable providers that have chunks of 24/8?
>> 62/8, 63/8 and 64/8 are being assigned now.
>> So you just relax the filters according to what's being assigned.

Mark> AT&T has been allocating customers from 12/8.

Yes, we are, but allocation to customers and assignment by
registries are different things:

AT&T has been assigned 12/8, and we're announcing 12/8.  Customers
are being allocated portions of this non-portable space, and you'll only
see more-specifics when our customers multi-home.  This is just like
any other CIDR block used for customers.

No one is currently assigned 62/8, for example, so no one should be
announcing 62/8.
						Jay B.

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