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Re: Denial of service attacks apparently from UUNET Netblocks

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Wed Oct 08 02:15:37 1997

[ On Tue, October 7, 1997 at 23:38:37 (-0500), John A. Tamplin wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Denial of service attacks apparently from UUNET Netblocks
> have area calling.  The limitations are that BellSouth's reporting is 
> utterly useless (so we have to use our logs to try and figure out the 
> utilization of those trunks), ISDN calls aren't forwarded, and the calling
> number the Ascend gets is that of our number that is fowarded to here.  
> Thus, we have no usefull caller identification for those lines.


I guess that would mean you'd have to subpoena call detail records for
those lines from BellSouth if you ever wanted to find out who really
called them.  Those lines could be oh-so-useful to a cracker with access
to somone else's dial-out modems....

I know these schemes are all to common in lots of places, and obviously
they're cheaper to set up and run than a remote POP, but do you really
need all the added risks?

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