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Re: [NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Fri Oct 03 00:08:01 1997

On Oct 2, Jamie Rishaw <[email protected]> wrote: 

>   We're in the process of developing a 24x7 NOC, and can agree upon about
> everything except scheduling. 
>   We have a few ideas, all of which have really bad downsides:
> - 4day, 10hour rotation. 2-hour overlap.
>   - Downside is overlap, and the fact that nobody will have a regular
>     schedule.. they'll be M-Th, then T-Fr, W-Sa, Th-Su, Fr-Mo.. bleh.

	I understand AGIS used to do that.  AFAIK, the two (yes,
	two) people they had on that rotation quit long ago.

> - M-F 9-hour shifts, Sa-Su 2x12-hour shifts
>   - Downside is the Sa-Su people are just "extras".

	You're gonna want good people on weekends, 'cause it's harder
	to find a clueful telco person during non-business hours.

> - Su-We, We-Sa 10-hour shifts.
>   Alleviates "skewing" schedules one day every week, but creates a 14.5%
>   labor increase on Wednesday when you have a complete overlap.

	You're probably gonna have overlap at some point; either that
	or have somebody working extra hours every week.

> Anyhow,, we're looking for information on how other NOCs around the world
> do it.  We're trying to give good coverage without killing/burning out the
> NOC team members.

	Can't be done.  *grin*

	At a previous job, we had eight-hour shifts, no formal overlap;
	for quite a while we'd have one person in the NOC at any given
	time.  Each week, one of us would work six days.  There wasn't
	any overtime.  It's a good thing we all liked working there; in
	fact, once we stopped enjoying the job everybody who was in the
	NOC at that time quit.

	What I'm trying at Priori is four-hour shifts.  People can work
	eight or sometimes even twelve hours in a row if they want, but
	it's all in four-hour blocks.  Since we're expecting that at
	least some of our part-timers will be students, that gives us a
	lot of flexibility to deal with their schedules.

	We don't yet have all the shifts covered, so Justin, Michael,
	and myself are covering as needed, and I don't yet have a good
	feeling as to how well this is going to work.

	Luckily, since we're a startup, it won't be too hard to move
	to something else as needed.  The most important thing, IMHO,
	is to make sure that the schedule you have set is something that
	your staff can live with -- at that previous job I mentioned we
	were all completely insane and actually didn't mind working a
	couple day shifts, having a day and a half off, and then coming
	in for night shifts, and rotating that around every couple of
	weeks -- except for one full-time student, we preferred that to
	being stuck with the same hours every day of every week.

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