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Re: Is this just a rumor?

  • From: Joe Shaw
  • Date: Tue Aug 26 17:10:57 1997

I've also heard that.  Another rumor is that Domain Name Registration is
going to now cost $250/year, instead of $50/year.  Class C address space
is going to cost you $2500/year.  The $9.95/month ISPs are out of
business.  What's this going to do to the small and struggling businesses
out there?  Class B networks are now going to cost $637500 at that price.
So, look for prices on everything to start going up to cover the costs for
your upstream providers.

Joe Shaw - [email protected]
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services
"Learn more, and you will never starve." - Paraphrase of Lee

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Lincoln Silver wrote:

> I heard a rumor that the InterNic is no longer going to make contact
> information public. Is this true? If I do a "whois," will I no longer
> get contact info? Can someone shed light on this rumor? 
> Thanks, 
> Lincoln Silver