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Re: Backup Power Schemes

  • From: Paul J. Zawada
  • Date: Mon Aug 11 17:17:26 1997

Co-Generation/Off-grid Generation is becoming more available to even small
installations.  The Aerospace division of AlliedSignal is now marketing a
small turbine-based power plant that's about the size of a 75-kVA
transformer.  The unit can produce something like 50-100 kW of power and
will run on LP, Natural Gas, Diesel, Gasoline or grandpa's bathtub whiskey.
 I believe the pricetag is in the $250k range.



At 09:26 PM 8/8/97 -0700, Tony Li wrote:
>> That takes us back to UPSi on equipment, and generators. Technologies
>> available are:
>>	....
>Don't forget cogeneration equipment.
>One would think that local power, UPS, and one flavor of generator should
>suffice.  For the "reasonable".  ;-)
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