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Interesting Spam

  • From: Hagai Yardeny
  • Date: Fri Aug 08 23:18:10 1997


i have been working on a project called
we have a search engine there where we document spams and their headers

This is a note we got a few days ago.


--- Begin Message ---
Authenticated sender is:  [email protected]
X-mailer:  Wouldn't you like to know
X-complaint-response:  Go to hell
X-my-address: [email protected]
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

finger me assholes

you all are the biggest ass holes in the world you need to be arrested
and i will learn you good i bet you cant hack my computer go ahead
telnet to and try it ass dildos ftp to and
login as anonymous to get some really cool porn of things i hate you
because you use spamblocks in your email address so I have to remove them 
i hate that let me list the things i hate about you

1.)  you are stupid
2.)  you get accounts cancelled
3.)  you waste bandwith complaining
4.)  you are dumb
5.)  you like rush limbaugh
6.)  rush limbaugh is a moron
7.)  you like chris smith the republican
8.)  you liked regan even thow he ruined the country
9.)  you act imature

Antispammers go to and see what we think of you!!!!

--- End Message ---