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Re: PacBell

  • From: Justin W. Newton
  • Date: Tue Jun 24 17:57:10 1997

At 08:54 AM 6/24/97 -0700, Curt Howland wrote:
>> On Jun 24, Curt Howland <[email protected]> wrote: 
>> > Not everyone you might want to peer with on the West Coast
>> > is at the PAIX.
>> 	Right, the PAIX by itself wouldn't be enough (though the
>> 	lighting is really cool); but with the PAIX /and/ MAE-West?
>Coverage might reach whatever % of the 'net you're looking
>for with the PAIX and Mae-East alone, but that's not my major
>criteria for choosing exchange points.
>So maybe the question comes back to, "is everyone you want to peer
>with on the West coast at the PAIX?"

MAE /West/ Curt, MAE /West/ :).  (We'll also bet at MAE East, btw, but that
wasn't the point).  Basically, I believe what JD wanted to know is whether
or not traffic /is/ flowing better over PacBell NAP than it is through the
others, and to which provider(s) it seems that the traffic is flowing
better over that exchange, at this time.

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