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gTLD-MoU Web Site (fwd)

  • From: Jamie Rishaw
  • Date: Sun Jun 01 17:54:47 1997
  • Rfc_violation: You saw it here first!

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From: Robert Shaw <[email protected]>
Subject: gTLD-MoU Web Site
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The gTLD-MoU web site is now officially available and 
can be found at:

Some important information is now available.

1. Draft application form for becoming a Registrar under
the aegis of the gTLD-MoU. Applications cannot yet be
made but there is a draft of the near finalized application 
form with the probably final criteria.

2. Draft of the Council of Registrars (CORE) Memorandum
of Understanding.

3. Draft of the Council of Registars (CORE) Articles of

Queries/comments concerning these and related documents 
should be addressed to [email protected]


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