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Re: filters.

  • From: Mike Gaddis
  • Date: Mon Apr 28 14:05:33 1997

Andrew Partan wrote:
> > Any luck tracking down the reason why some routers inside Sprint kept
> > announcing the routes long after the source was removed during either
> > the incident last Friday or the other incident on Feb 3-4, 1997?
> Part 2 of the problem (where all of the routes didn't go away even
> after they were removed by the source) wasn't only w/in Sprint; it
> was elsewhere as well.  This has been tracked down to a cisco bug,
> which has been found & they are working on a fix.
>         [email protected] (Andrew Partan)

If known, could someone please list a detailed description of
the bug and software revision number(s) where the bug exists
(thats probably all of them I suspect but thought it best to ask...)

If one of the Cisco types who read this list knows a planned patch
release that would be excellant to know too.  (Understood that its only
been a few days so consider this thanks in advance...)  However, if
any known work-arounds exist then these should be posted until the
patch can be released.

FYI: SAVVIS uses Ascend GRFs in the core but most of our customers
use Cisco's...

Mike Gaddis
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