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Internet Traffic Data

  • From: Robert Olshansky
  • Date: Mon Apr 28 12:34:07 1997


K Claffy at LANR suggested I contactb you.

   At GTE Labs we are working on design of IP backbone facilities for ADSL
   access services.  One of the challenges is to be able to project traffic
   growth per ADSL useer for the next 3-5 years.

   Can you direct me to sources of the followinmg:

   (1) Measured internet traffic statitics at NAPs for the past two years.
   (Info available at NAP Web sites that I have found is only for the last
   5-30 days.)

   (2) Some measurements of growth of traffic/user over the past two years.
   So, for a fixed or known user population ( eg a Univ campus or an ISP's
   pool) how has traffic per user grown?

   (3) Anything else that would be useful.

   So I would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to some source.



Bob Olshansky
Manager, Advanced Service Platforms
Service Research Laboratory

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