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Re: Ascend GRF400

  • From: Bradley J. Passwaters
  • Date: Sun Apr 27 01:00:31 1997

<Randolph C. Nicklas said:>
> I've heard the same story as Tony, from Ascend/Netstar folks.
> We run 5 GRF1600s in the vBNS--I have a love/hate relationship
> with them, but they are "maturing" ;)

Actually the product tree looks a little different.

The original Netstar product came in two versions. Both
had a 16 slot chassis with an external RMS control unit.
The difference was in the later version the RMS was 
a rack mount unit.  This product is now called the GR II.
The GRF 400 is a 4 slot unit and all of the control function
have been internalized. The GRF 1600 is a 16 slot box
with completely internalized control functions.

Hope that helps. 

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