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Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

  • From: Geoff White
  • Date: Sat Apr 26 15:49:21 1997

> I'd like you to point out the major corporations and public universities who
> will do this.  I'd also like you to immediately return that nice root server
> that NSI has paid for in part or whole, if you really believe this.
> Anyone trying to take "COM" and point it somewhere else will find that they
> have created a class-action lawsuit with 1,000,000 plaintiffs -- all the
> people who you instantly disconnect that have COM domains.
> Anyone trying to STEAL NSI's COM zone (to appropriate it as their own) will 
> likely find themselves on the wrong end of a monstrous lawsuit, not to 
> mention potential felony theft charges.

NSI does not own the root domain .com .org .net or any other TLD.
They were *hired* by the NSF to manage the registration of domain names
for these TLDs, and they have done a  deplorable job.  They are now being
fired, if anyone is opening themselves up for a class action suite it is
NSI for not relinquishing property that they have no legal right to claim
as their own.


I wondered back in '78 how no-nothing dim witted liberal arts majors would
ever find a way to make money on the Net, now I know... They all became

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