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  • From: Dave Van Allen
  • Date: Fri Apr 25 18:20:08 1997

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>From:	Avi Freedman [SMTP:[email protected]]
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>Subject:	7007: FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH
>MAI's view:
>Here's a status on what AS 7007 themselves saw and think happened.
>They're disconnected from the 'net now, so they can't post this 
>MAI does NOT think that they were distributing the BGP routes into an
>IGP and then readvertising them on that basis; they think there was/is
>a Bay BGP bug that caused this to happen.
>Or Bay unfamiliarity, to be fair.  BCN's are all over the core participating
>in BGP everyday in some very large networks as you know.  If MIA is not
>running the Bay ISP workspace code, then they need to get Bay to educate them
>on what's available and appropriate for their environment.
>An outside view of what happened:
>And ASN 7007 
>We saw about 60k routes in our core routers at the time, and saw
>thousands of routes from 7007 when we looked more carefully.
>When you and I were on the phone, we saw 70K at one time, and the Cisco's
>were at 100% doing nothing but route calculations.
>We kept clearing sessions to filter 7007 but the routes kept popping
>back up:  Sprint (of course), UUNET, and MCI all had them.
>Which of course half of the Net was doing, so all routers running dampening,
>had 3/4 of the prefixes on hold.
>Now a good 4 hours after the main-event, I still see MAE routers with a
>couple thousand dampened paths.  Most of the connectivity is stable now (from
>my view), so some of you can clear ip bgp damp and make a few more customers
>I suppose that the immediate topic will be route filtering vs. 
>AS_PATH filtering...
>As it should of been a long time ago.
>Raw fish tonight, Avi?
>Best regards,
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