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Re: routes to hit 50,000 soon? or filter AS 7007....

  • From: Justin W. Newton
  • Date: Fri Apr 25 17:11:09 1997

At 09:08 PM 4/25/97 +0100, Adrian J Bool wrote:
>Are your nameservers in the first class C of your CIDR block by any
>chance???  They have been taking CIDR blocks and squirting out 
>Class C equivilents.
>Sadly, many poeple (including me) think, oooh, nice big CDIR block lets
>put all my important boxes in it's first Class C... Seems to be a 
>very bad descision ;-(

Thats actually a really good point.  I have (accidentally) protected myself
from this as I am using the first C of my CIDR block for interfaces which
never need to be reached by the outside world (hmm, time to move them to
net 10 I suppose).  Phil, is this something that might make some form of
sdense for that PIER doc you are writing?

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