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Wow, AS7007!

  • From: Stephen A Misel
  • Date: Fri Apr 25 13:20:40 1997

I happened to be in one of our 7505 routers this afternoon when POP -- all
of a sudden most of the internet disappeared!  I immediately thought it was
me, but looked around and saw this AS7007 broadcasting MY routes!   It
wasn't for all of our network space -- We have several /18's here, and it
seemed only the first /24 of each CIDR was affected.  When I found a
workstation at the end of the /18, we got the whois info for 7007 --
Florida Internet Exchange, and called them.

They claimed to have a customer broadcasting some bad routing information
and unplugged their router.  A few moments later, the internet stabilized
and I started seeing real routes.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but:

	(1)  We're going to read about this in EVERY computer magazine, newspaper
and TV as "the end of the internet?"

	(2)  Access lists by backbone providers *should* have prevented this.

	(3)  Does or does not the RADB and other routing registries (MCI's, etc)
prevent this?

I bet this hole will be patched up real soon!

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