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Re: Ascend GRF400

  • From: Neil J. McRae
  • Date: Fri Apr 25 11:10:37 1997
  • Organisation: Domino

> The interesting products now are the IP/SONET OC3c card and the OC12 card 
> that should turn up one day.

They are available, we are using them at the moment and so far not a dropped

> The attraction to us for buying this product is the BSDi OS used at the 
> management controller. We have somewhat unusual requirements, including our 
> own internal protocol for dynamic routing of dialups, and the availability 
> of the BSDi environment behind Ascends new CLI makes this one of the few 
> real routers that works off the shelf.

Indeed, using gated on this box rules.

> We currently have one in house, and once some SNMP issues are fixed we will 
> be able to complete testing and then maybe buy some.
> As to who is using them in a production environment, I understand from 
> colleagues that a recent "supercore" upgrade that PSI did in NY (where we 
> peer with them) was to roll out one or more GRF's. This is of course 
> unconfirmed rumour until someone from PSInet speaks up.

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