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Route Server mailing lists

  • From: Abha Ahuja
  • Date: Thu Apr 24 12:29:13 1997

Hi All!

In response to the discussion at the Route Server BOF during the last 
NANOG, we have created a mailing list ([email protected]) to provide a 
forum for discussing route server issues.  We hope to discuss the 
technology, pros and cons of the service, issues with the existing 
service, suggestions for improvement of the current route server service, 
etc.  We hope that this will be a broad discussion with the internet 
community that will address non-specific RSng issues as well as specific 
RSng issues. 

To subscribe: 
send a message to [email protected] 
with subscribe rs-discuss in the body of the message.

We have also created a mailing list ([email protected]) for
announcements of route server maintenance and outages.  We recommend that
all organizations peering with the route servers at the exchange points
subscribe to this list. 

To subscribe: 
send a message to [email protected]
with subscribe rs-announce in the body of the message. 


-abha ;)

abha ahuja						[email protected]
Merit Network, Inc.

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