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Re: cyberpromotions

  • From: Sanjay Dani
  • Date: Wed Apr 23 02:52:46 1997

>He can sign all of the deals that he wants.  If he doesn't stop
>his illegal tactics of theft of services, he will be out
>of business -- we have contacted the local police department
>after the 3rd or 4th time he used our mail relay -- they 
>believe that charges of theft of service will stick.  We are
>holding off civil suits against cyberpromotions and their clients
>until criminal charges have been brought.  Once he has been
>charged with criminal theft of service, we will sue both cyber
>promotions and their clients for damages.

Great way to go! IMO, this is the best way to hit where it
hurts and punish the real offender instead of arm-twisting or
hacking into ISP's in the chain.

>> And in Interactive Week today, I see Cyber Promotions just signed a
>> three year deal with UUNet/Worldcom.  Someone was quoted as saying they
>> will have the capacity to "send 111 average-sized email messages per
>> second".

I'm eager to see which of the anti-spam preachers will
be the first to stop peering with and/or taking transit
from UUnet (WCOM) in order to stay "clean".

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