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Internic services

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Tue Apr 22 18:47:19 1997

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Owen DeLong wrote:

> > "I sent in my registration for my.firm at
> > 3:32 PST to yyy registrations. Well, I sent mine in at 7:15 EST for it to
> > zzz registrations, but they processed mine first, so I get it".
> > 
> Actually, I believe procedures for resolving this are part of the IAHC
> documentation. 

Yes they are. The preventation of such race conditions is one of the main
reasons for having a central CORE database rather like the central 800
number database. This also allows the use of commercial database software
which solved this race condition approx. 25 years ago. And there is an
IETF proto-WG already formed and working on protocols for the shared
registries and central database with two working implementations already
being played with. Send email to [email protected] for info on the WG.

> There are currently two choices on the table.  I don't know what has stopped
> you from presenting any others you feel are appropriate.
> 	A	The way things are today... NSI controlled
> 	B	The IAHC proposal.

C  The eDNS proposal
D  The Name.Space proposal
E  Numerous other proposals made over the past two years that never
   gathered significant support behind them.

> I'd certainly welcome additional choices on the above menu.

The European Community wants the whole thing negotiated, decided and run
by government bureaucrats. They are *NOT* pleased that the IAHC has
attempted an end-run around their bureaucratic fiat in Brussels. So I
suppose this is a choice as well; shall we call it the Brussels round of
the GATT, negotiations expected to be finalized sometime in 2008. :-(

Two key documents (and short ones to boot) that everyone on this list
should read are here:

IAHC Final Report

gTLD Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Note that the MoU is even shorter than the report and you could
realistically sign the MoU even if you do not agree with every single
point in the IAHC report. Also note that by signing the MoU, your company
gets the right to be consulted about any future DNS changes as well as the
right to review all activities of the POC and CORE. This is because every
organization that signs the MoU gets one seat on the Policy Advisory

This means that in the future it will be quite clear what the Internet
community's position is because everyone who registers to vote, will have
a vote via the PAB.

Register today.

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