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Re: Response from Cyber Promotions (fwd)

  • From: Craig A. Huegen
  • Date: Mon Apr 21 13:21:09 1997

On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, Craig A. Huegen wrote:

==>I've conveniently blocked cyberpromo's blocks.  My upstream provider is
==>currently considering globally blocking cyberpromo.  I am in the process
==>of determining the impact of blocking _4200_.

Ugh.  That didn't come out right.

My upstream provider is currently considering establishment of
access-lists at their upstreams to block cyberpromo from reaching their
network as well as their customers'.

If I understand the way cyberpromo spam-central works, it would also
prevent your customers from using cyberpromo services because you would
not be able to send mail to their servers.


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