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Re: What's going on?

  • From: Sanjay Dani
  • Date: Sun Apr 20 19:39:12 1997

>To remove a site from the internet [competitor, bad guy, good guy, enemy, 
>let your imagination run wild]... What is keeping someone from spamming 
>half a dozen or so sites (just enough to get noticed) with the line 
>"please visit site '' for more information."

The same laws that apply to someone running a false advertisement
on TV or newspaper should apply here. Any ISP would be willing
to help law enforcement with appropriate warrants to track
the identity of the spammer.

Take that one step further: we need legislations to make
spamming illegal, just like making crank telephone calls
is. I've a feeling even the smallest ISP would rather
cooperate with law enforcement to help track the identity
of the "law-breaking" spammer than the messed up system
today where the selp appointed anti-spammers feel good
about heaping guilt on ISP's rather than actually punishing
the spammer.

It is upto us whether we want to extend the civilized
system (that gives the state monopoly over judicial matters)
that protects our physical property to our cyberspace
property or continue to fantasize that every ISP must
implement "my version of the AUP".

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