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Re: What's going on?

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Fri Apr 18 03:00:51 1997

From: "Matthew James Gering" <[email protected]>
>This can be solved technically. Once the originating MTA must be the same
>network as the originator of the SPAM, it will be much easier to deal with
>the SPAM issue.

No it can't be solved technically, except in theory.

I love the blind belief in technology we see here, it would make an
inquisition era cleric weep with jealousy at such unflappable
demonstrations of faith in the face of arbitrary pain.

What has to be done is to get these third-party relay spammers
arrested, sued, and their heads hung out on poles for all to see and
give pause to others who might think of doing this.

To me, saying this can be solved technically is like saying that a
rash of window breakings in your neighborhood can be solved
"technically" -- everyone merely has to nail up plywood over all their
windows and voila', end of problem.

You want to see the arrogance of one particularly cancerous
third-party spammer who thinks they're absolutely right and what they
do is fine look at (Phoenix
Interactive.) I had one of these creeps on the telephone (they answer
their phone), he blandly offered to take our site off their list if we
like, as if he was finding me a good table near the band on a busy

Not that they don't have a hint, their ads offer to bulk email
millions of messages and *they'll take the flames for you* (their
wording)! They just simply don't give a shit, to be blunt, stop them
with the law or equivalant or they'll just keep doing what they're
doing, there's always another site which doesn't have relaying
blocked, they'll find them as fast as they need, and they owe you and
I and everyone else absolutely nothing.

We have relaying blocked here but tonight they were pounding user
accounts thru some other victim relay site. So I blocked that mail
address. Twenty minutes later, boom, they're continuing with another
email address. Ok, I blocked that and now they seem to have gone away,
what fun, what a way to fill the moments between the womb and the

And btw if anyone has any urge to give me a technical hint as a
response you really don't f***ing get it, save your typing.

        -Barry Shein

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