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Re: What's going on?

  • From: Matthew James Gering
  • Date: Fri Apr 18 01:45:44 1997

> > This issues has relevance to nanog--the veiled encouragement
> > to break-ins I see here does result into network operational
> > problems, more than most of the spams do.
> You misunderstand my point. I do NOT encourage breakins, mailbombing,
> SYN-flooding or any other kind of attacks as a solution to the SPAM
> problem. It's not a technical problem so technical solutions won't cut

You are correct that SPAM itself is not a technical problem.

But, mail-relaying *is* a technical problem -- and regardless of the the
legalities of UCE (aka SPAM), unauthorized use of other MTA's as relays
*is* network abuse.

This can be solved technically. Once the originating MTA must be the same
network as the originator of the SPAM, it will be much easier to deal with
the SPAM issue.


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