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Re: What's going on?

  • From: Matthew E. Pearson
  • Date: Fri Apr 18 00:04:38 1997

At 08:30 PM 4/17/97 -0700, Sanjay Dani wrote:
>>I certainly don't condone any attacks on AGIS but I think this should be a
>>lesson that Internet users expect a certain standard of behavior from 
>>network providers. While there may be no legal imperative to force network
>>providers to ehave in a certain way, the will of the people has a way of
>>making itself felt and we ignore it at our peril.
>		(Internet users != hackers)
>I understand the will of the people to boycot a certain
>company or a product, but breaking into others' property?
>Sophistry like above deserves some of the blame for the

Why doesn't everyone who has a problem with it. Take _REAL_ action. Like,
oh say.. terminate peering with AGIS 's network? Or ban the routes
emanating from their mail servers. Just pull the MX records, or find out
their mail-server addresses and ban them. Better yet, if you are going to
boycott, terminate peering all together and ban connectivity to/from their
network via any carrier to yours.

I don't overtly have a problem with email-spammers, it is annoying, yes but
most also terminate sending you stuff if you ask nicely and not
fly-off-the-handle at them or flame them publicly. 

All I am saying, is if you want to achieve anything, don't do anything
illegal like hacking, or reverse spamming their mail-servers. Just BOYCOTT
the network. Terminate all traffic to/from them to yours and petition
people to follow suit. If you are THAT upset, take REAL action.

Again, I don't have any problems with AGIS, spammers, etc. If you are going
after email spammers, go after news spammers, people who register 10,000
domains to resell them, NSPs who falsely register for large address blocks
and don't use them, or use them inefficiently, go after people who will not
CIDR their announcements. There are SO many areas of broadband abuse that
affect all of the Internet, I don't see the point in focusing in on one
tiny aspect of it.

My opinions are my own, not my company's.

All I am saying, is you want a boycott. BOYCOTT don't screw around and do
illegal things, that makes you as bad as them in my opinion.

Matt Pearson

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