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Re: What's going on?

  • From: Craig A. Huegen
  • Date: Thu Apr 17 23:04:34 1997

Sanjay Dani writes:

==>> Despite our policy of not allowing spams from our
==>> network, we were labeled spammer friendly not too
==>> long ago and a minor break-in happened the same
==>> night. Just speculating, too.

You might have been labelled spammer friendly.

However, AGIS openly proclaims themselves as a good place for spammers to
buy circuits.

Maybe networks should begin considering filtering routes with _4200_ ?

I will say that I believe AGIS is doing a severe injustice to their 'good'
customers who are getting caught up in Phil's antics.  There are regexps
for procmail published daily which will happily send mail down /dev/null
if it comes from anywhere within AGIS's CIDR blocks.

Talking to their NOC does nothing because they've been told to not say a
word about their spam policies; it's an offense which warrants

Anyway, this is getting to the point where it should be mopped into the
regular drivel of inet-access...


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