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Re: Eating My Collapse Column

  • From: Richard Stiennon
  • Date: Wed Apr 16 16:29:10 1997

At 12:47 PM 4/14/97 -0700, Paul A Vixie wrote:
>Service engineering is very different from product engineering. Most folks,
>including you, who are excellent at one are not excellent at the other.

This is so true. As an experienced product designer (car seats, Saturn, Neon, etc.) I was totally amazed the first time I attended an interoperability bake off between 10 vendors in the network arena. There was very little planning before hand. No Taguchi matrix. No Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis. Everybody just got together in a big room and started hurling packets at each other. After five days everything started to work!

Networking is *not* rocket science. It is a completely different animal and I am enjoying the transition to it. What other infrastucture can double in size every 6 months and just get better and better?

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