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Re: VitalSigns: Event Report: (Server, Slow or failed connection, red) (fwd)

  • From: Craig A. Huegen
  • Date: Wed Apr 16 15:53:22 1997

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Kent W. England wrote:

==>For those that don't recall the first introduction of traceroute to the
==>user community, we had the same sort of initial flood of "Gee, look at that
==>route!" but on the whole as I recall there was a lot of cruft cleaned up in
==>the first few months of general availability of traceroute. And, of course,
==>traceroute had it's problems interpreting feedback at first. But after the
==>initial poking around and gee-whiz, traceroute settled down to become a
==>very useful tool for users as well as net-ops.

However, when traceroute came out, I would venture to say that 90% of the
people using it actually understood what it was doing.  They also had to
know who to mail.

The problem with this "nifty" new toy is that it enables any clueless
newbie to insert his favorite site from the TV ads, click the "check net
status" button, then complain, whine, and bitch to the webmaster at the
domain at the click of a button.  The tool does it for them.

Big difference in knowledge base...  my vote goes to procmail. =)


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