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Re: MCI outage

  • From: Allan Chong
  • Date: Sun Apr 13 01:39:39 1997

Russ Haynal wrote:
> This brings up another point I've pondered...  I've noticed that many of
> the Backbone ISP backbone maps seem to have an amazing amount of similarity
> - i.e. connections between identicle sets of cities.  I wonder how many
> different ISP's might be riding within the same Fiber bundle (the one right
> below some guy's back-hoe)  If BBN and Internet MCI both run inside of
> MCI's fiber to/from a small ISP's hometown, then it won't make much sense
> for a small ISP to get a T-1 from MCI and BBN in the name of "redundancy" -
> If they both can be taken out with one backhoe.  Might this risk still
> exist if my UUNET/Worldcom fiber also happens to lay 2 feet away from MCI's
> fiber in the ground in some kind of "telco right of way"

Often most of the major carriers will be using the same set of pipes
bridges and railway/highway overpasses.  AT&T was advertising their 
"redundant path" network where they supposedly made some effort to avoid
this.  They were passing out maps and photos of spots with signs from
all the major carriers.

Power, gas, etc. are often on those same bridges.

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