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Re: Outage (planned and unplanned) notification

  • From: Ron da Silva
  • Date: Sat Apr 12 04:34:09 1997

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Sean Donelan wrote:

> >Got off the phone w/Hector @MCI indicating that they are currently have
> >problems with their OC12 ckt in Illinois.  Routing through their network
> >is getting beat up...
> I've noticed the sprint outage list has become very quiet, as has the
> MCI outage list.  They seem to be quiet even during and after widely
> known problems.  The same is true of most providers I bother to track.
> Even those providers I have signed agreements which include notification
> requirements.
> Since I still notice end-to-end interruptions of service, I don't think
> the network has really become as reliable as the lack of outage notifications
> might indicate.  Are folks just not bothering to keep everyone informed?
> Should I go back to nagging your NOC folks with phone calls?

I hesitated the mentioning, thinking it may break some curtesy protocol
(and apologize if it has), but I am a NOC folk and was responding to the
initial impact this flap had for general routing.

> Is there anything that will encourage pro-active notification?

We are striving towards more proactivity with respect to outage postings
on our network, though I wasn't sure what to do with this.  In retrospect
realize that it was probably not my position to do so.  Again, my intent
was to share the information (we have our own problems to be concerned


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