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Re: Ad Hoc, eDNS, AlterNIC and the bunch

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Thu Apr 10 18:46:04 1997

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:

> > > But the IANA does not own majority of those servers.
> > > 
> > > In fact NSI owns many of them,
> > 
> > One, operated as part of their cooperative agreement.
> Really?  Then why has Paul Vixie posted publically that
> was paid for in whole or part by NSI?

My son has a book by Hergé, "The Blue Lotus" that was paid for in whole
by my brother. My son now owns this book even though he did not pay for it
because it was given to him as a birthday gift. Even though he owns the
book, he will still tell people that my brother got it for him because
that's the polite thing to do.

> Of course it is.  You can recommend anything you want, but if you have
> nobody who will insert the pointers, its a worthless exercise in handwaving.

And how is it that you became such an expert on worthless handwaving

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