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Re: Ad Hoc, eDNS, AlterNIC and the bunch

  • From: Dave Crocker
  • Date: Thu Apr 10 17:50:44 1997

At 2:23 PM -0500 4/10/97, Karl Denninger wrote:
>So the truth is that there are *TWO* signatures, one of which is bogus as
>IANA isn't an organization (and thus can't sign anything as "IANA"; Mr.

	well, no.

	the number of signatures is smaller, so far, than the number of
statements of intent.  surprise.  you might choose to dismiss the latter,
but I for one do not.  True, they might change their mind, but most
companies are quite careful about these statements of intent and reversing
such a decision tends to be embarassing to them, so they avoid it.

	I don't remember the full list of who has signed, or who has stated
intent.  Among the set, in any event, are Deutsche Telecomm, WIDE, APNIC.
Several ISOC chapters, too.  INTA (trademark attorneys) also.  The total
that we've listed so far is probably half of the actual number.  The public
listing of these will no doubt come up to date over the next week.  As Hank
says, it's tough to keep the list current...


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